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I have worked with Lorraine on several deals and found her to be extremely knowledgeable with respect to buyer, selling and refurbishing rental/investment properties.

Lorraine has an extensive background in the real estate, appraisal and mortgage lending arenas. As a person who deals with real estate professionals on a daily basis I have been consistently impressed with Lorraine and would recommend her to anyone buying or selling property in the Atlanta area.

Alex Brown

This woman is a fireball!

I have had the pleasure of working with her on many occasions during events and a few projects that have all gone well. Lorraine is an extremely connected Realtor which makes her an even better resource for INVESTORS. I highly recommend working with her for the disposition of or acquisition of real estate.

Jasmine Willois, MBA


.. B: est Real Estate agent by far, I'm telling you this and many other people can back me about how GREAT Lorraine is at what she does! E: verything you need and anything you need, Lorraine will always EXCEED your expectation. She is detailed and very thorough. #CUSTOMER #SATISFACTION #GUARANTEED A: + plus (147%) is the grade I would have to give Lorraine Beato for her performance, ethics and professionalism. T: he Real Deal! If you serious about purchasing a home, she is the Real Estate Agent you want to represent you. You will need her on your side to represent you. h Honestly, I could not have done it with out Lorraine. O: bligation. I was looking for an Agent that was going to be committed to my time and dollar! She comes HIGHLY recommended. matter fact you should contact her now BeatoL@comcast.net or 404.429.7354. Google her, Lorraine Beato, she is very experienced in real estate and investing!!!!

Thurman Robinson

Lorraine is an awesome individual who is an experienced real estate professional as well as investor.

She has contributed to our platform Think Realty many times and has always been a source of inspiration and helps to our members.

Eddie Wilson

Lorraine has a wealth of knowledge about real estate investing and is an awesome real estate agent.

Not many real estate agents truly understand investment perspective and how to capitalize on various residential opportunities, especially in all market conditions; but Lorraine does. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to invest in real estate or buy a home for themselves.

Abhi Golhar

I have been working with Lorraine for a few months now and have been beyond impressed.

Her knowledge of the real estate market and where trends are going is by far the best I have come across. I have worked with a lot of agents, especially on the investment side and they all tell me what I want to hear. Lorraine, on the other hand, tells it like it is. She could have sold me a home multiple times over - I would send her possible listings for a renovation project to flip and she would come back at me with the reasons why she didn't feel they would be a good investment. She would share the pro's and the con's and was not after her commission, she was more concerned with weather or not it fit my investing criteria. We just closed on a deal in January and I look forward to working her team. Not only did she help me find and analyze the property, she also helped me finance it, put me in touch with an architect as well as a builder. She's the real deal with all the right resources.

C Gordon

Lorraine is one of the most knowledgeable agents I have had the pleasure of working with.

She gets it. Whether she is selling a primary residence or an investment property with major repairs, she has the tools to handle all type of clients! Cannot recommend her enough.

James Melton

Lorraine is more than a Real Estate Agent, she's a true advisor!

We went through an insane situation with a previous home purchase, and she became our biggest advocate when we re-entered the market seven years ago. She was able to mediate a great deal on our home, but more importantly, Lorraine continues to be an invaluable resource. Over the years, she checked in to make sure we were happy with our home, and helped us keep tabs on its value. More recently, Lorraine provided us with advice on an adjustment to our mortgage that is helping our family manage the economic impacts of COVID-19. I cannot say enough about Lorraine's integrity, creativity, and the sense of mission that she has for helping past, present, and future clients leverage the value of home ownership!

Amy Srch

Lorraine is an experienced real estate investor and Realtor with a tough, no-nonsense approach to educating investors and agents about how they can succeed in real estate.

Not only does she do beautiful (as well and cross-country and iinternational) fix-and-flip projects, she pragmatically and strategically approaches investor-client's projects with an eye for design that keeps the budget on track. Lorraine will not mince words about how to stage, upgrade, renovate, or rehab a property in order to sell it for top dollar and fast. She is also very loyal to her clients' interests, dedicated to educating others about the potential in real estate, and devoted to the industry.

Carole Ellis

Lorraine is an excellent resource for all things real estate!

I've known Lorraine know for about 6 years and we've become friends. I met Lorraine via a mutual contact. I was living in Philadelphia at the time and was doing a fix and flip in Atlanta. Lorraine was an excellent resource and acted as my realtor when the project was complete but also as my boots on the ground during the renovations. Things went so well that I did two additional flip projects in Atlanta with Lorraine's help. My business gradually shifted away from fix and flips but Lorraine and I kept in touch. I now do multifamily syndications and Atlanta is one of our target markets. I have leaned on Lorraine for her expert knowledge of the market - areas that are experiencing growth and development, path of progress, etc. She has even introduced me to a few private investors. Lorraine is WAY more than a real estate agent. She's an excellent resource for all things real estate.

Adam Balsinger

Lorraine is an innovative and driven professional.

A ground breaker in her field, she excels in many avenues from agent to educator.

Amy Tulley
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